Benefits of Kopi Luwak for Our Health

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Oprah and Kopi Luwak

Are you a true fan of coffee? Perhaps you’ve often drank cappuccino, black coffee or espresso coffee. We know of two types of coffee, namely Arabica and Robusta. 

According to history, the coffee comes from Ethiopia, Africa and growing from Arabia to Europe, and finally to the present, coffee has been bringing the world together. Coffee has been grown in many countries of Asia, Latin America and of course in Africa.

The taste and enjoyment of coffee is influenced by soil and weather where the coffee is grown. Coffee types and processing methods also affect the taste of coffee. Now we know the instant coffee and ground coffee in our house or we find in coffee shops, or cafes, hotels and anywhere.

Among a variety of original and processed coffee, if you’ve been drinking organic coffee or civet coffee? Kopi Luwak coffee is unique because of the intervention of a ferret animal called the Luwak. The coffee was freshly picked and eaten by the Luwak, the next morning following discharge Luwak coffee beans. The coffee farmers are washed and dried coffee and coffee as well as other processed. The aroma and taste of coffee Luwak coffee is different from others, because of the unique and special. Best Civet Coffee from Bali, Gayo, Java and other areas in Sumatra Island. 

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Luwak and a cup of coffee. Image:

Jack Nicholson, kopi luwak, Morgan Freeman, Bucket List The Movie
Bucket List, The Movie
Kopi Luwak increasingly popular as introduced by Oprah Winfrey on the Oprah Winfrey Show, you can even see Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson discuss and drink civet coffee in the famous movie called Bucket List. You should watch this movie because this movie is very touching millions of viewers around the world.

After trial and research turns Kopi Luwak is very beneficial for our health. What are the benefits of Kopi Luwak are very tasty this?

1. Protect the teeth, which is famous for its coffee and caffeine-stick according to research to protect teeth from bacteria that cause cavities, besides drinking a cup of civet coffee every day is also able to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer.

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Luwak in Coffee Plantation. Image:

 2. According to a study “The Journal of Nutrition”: civet coffee 3 cups a day can prevent breast cancer, especially for women who are approaching menopause are very prone to get breast cancer.

 3. Protecting the skin, benefits Luwak coffee is famous for its usefulness is also able to protect the skin from skin cancer disease, according to research by drinking two cups of kopi luwak can reduce the risk of skin cancer up to 17%. This is good news for you who love to sunbathe on Kuta beach, Bali or at Bondi beach in Sydney.

 4. Kopi Luwak can prevent diabetes. This deadly disease is greatly feared, many people who become victims. Apparently there is no drug that can cure diabetes officially, but we still were able to prevent diabetes, that is by utilizing civet coffee 2-3 cups every day.

  5. Kopi Luwak can prevent neurological diseases, because the antioxidants and caffeine contained in coffee can prevent Parkinson’s. Besides caffeine contained in coffee Luwak was also able to inhibit inflammation in the brain, which can cause neurological disorders or neurological diseases.

 6. Prevent gallstone disease. Cholesterol crystals trapped within the gallbladder, which can be overcome by caffeine, because caffeine has a non-stick substance, so mucus crystals will not precipitate in the bile. To obtain these substances in caffeine luwak coffee rich in caffeine, then you need to drink 2-3 cups of kopi luwak every day to get the benefits of civet coffee perfectly.

Thus some of the benefits of civet coffee were very good for health, because health is the most precious treasure. Keeping the onset of the disease is better than treating with chemical drugs. Although coffee is very useful, but make sure you do not drink coffee in excess, a maximum of 3 cups per day. Reduce sugar in your coffee so you are not obese.

Now you can purchase Kopi Luwak or civet coffee at a cafe or coffee shop in your town or you can buy online. If you want to know the history of coffee and all the information about coffee, please read the article on this blog about coffee: Coffee and Beyond.

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